Minneapolis and Midwest are some of the areas having very high indoor Radon Gas Concentrations. Now here in Minneapolis we do offer radon mitigation near me under professionals and with certified contractors.

Basically, in mitigation the thing matters is the workmanship, warranties for the work done and follow up from time to time and the quality of the fan and other equipment’s use.

Firstly, we do work by following EPA standards and under professional supervision and secondly, we give lifetime warranties of our work and thirdly the equipment we use is one of the best i.e. let’s take an example of a fan it is German quality which is assembled here in USA.

We have under our belt an experience of 20 years and more than 10 thousand installation of Radon Mitigation System and we can proudly say that not even once a complain came to us about our work. So, we will say to you and urge you to don’t risk your folk’s life and yours.

Call us today for the professional inspection of your house. We will not only inspect it but will give you solid proof of whether your house is under radon effect or not.

Radon Mitigation is becoming popular in this modern era and more and more people are considering of using this. What matters is the choice of a company i.e. whatever the features the company may offer may be considered before selecting one.

  • Is the radon mitigation or radon testing company licensed and insured?
  • What type of service guarantee does the radon mitigation company offer?
  • How many years have they been in business and what is their track record?
  • What warranties are included in the installation of your radon mitigation system?


Radon Mitigation Near Me & Systems

Different method can be used for Radon Mitigation but the one which is mostly preferred is Sub-Slab Depressurization System. It is preferred in a way that it is cost efficient and somewhat effective as compared to others i.e. it provides results quickly. In sub-slab system a pit is created under the basement floor and is sealed after inserting the pipe which led to Radon Mitigation Fans. This radon gas is exited in the atmosphere according to EPA standards above the roofline. Another procedure is drain-tile system. It works by inserting a drain pipe in the floor that moves around the whole bottom and at the exit have a radon mitigation fan. This method is used with the sub-slab system to achieve the best results. One other procedure is crawlspace mitigation system. It is rather costly because it uses plastic sheets, adhesive etc. for covering up the dirt before starting the mitigation procedure. In this technique rather a heavy power fan is used which adds a cost to the mitigation process.