Pest control CDA is the technique that we like to pursue in this modern industry. It involves a water droplet technique i.e. stops water from converting into vapors and sprays on the crops as it is in microdroplets form. This is done by rotary action of the CDA machine. This technique saves the client a lot of money on pesticides and also helps to generate more profits as it increases the yields and believe me this is done because of the pesticide’s droplets reaching the soil where mostly the pests are hidden.  We at KAPTAR Environmental Pest Control Services always make sure to analyze the field 1st and then choose our plan of action accordingly.

Yellow Jackets are a pain:

Wasps are almost all the time confused with bees; Bees pollinate while they don’t but they are often intermixed. Most of the wasps are carnivorous i.e. you have often noticed them going after your meet piece in the summer season. Mostly in summer seasons they can cause a lot of problems for most of the people in most of the areas like Spokane, Post Falls, Hayden, and Coeur d’ Alene, or CDA for short. We’ll tell you some of the things that will help you sort out all your problems and messes. Most of the time Wasps are difficult to caught and get rid of, they fly like a rocket so what people do, is that they have installed multiple wasp nets on their property and lots to catch and get rid of them.

As I said before they look alike and most people confuse them. But Honey bees interaction with the environment is fruitful rather than the wasps. They don’t contribute to the environment. Some companies although capture wasps but in the process harm the honey bees which supports the eco-system. While we on the other hand are different from that of them, we are pro bees’ company. We use the latest IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Solutions to target wasps and to avoid harming honey bee populations. Wasps don’t use their nests i.e. again in the next season. So, therefore hunting down the empty nests won’t do you any good it is the active nests that cause the problem so, if you are afraid or you don’t want to get stung then call us, we’ll take of this issue for you.

Wasps can damage your property and their sting can hurt very bad. So, what you need to do is to look out for the situation in which they don’t hurt you and that is you call us and let us handle the situation. Wasps can make nests on trees and also on your eaves in either way it damages your property and its s beauty. Now, most of the companies will have to cut the wall open to remove the nests while we believe in avoiding damage, so what we do is to use a technique that would suck out the nest itself. We have a heavy power vacuum with us that can suck out whole the thing in minutes without giving anyone any kind of fuss etc.