Delegating real estate functions is one of the most important things you can do. After all, delegating is also building productivity to leverage revenue. However, it is not always easy to take this step. Especially if your real estate agency is starting its activities.

When we think about delegating, there are many feelings involved: mistrust, insecurity, doubt, fears and many others. Especially if the business is something “personal” and lean, these feelings will certainly be even more latent. But do not worry. After all, it is normal to be cautious when taking such an important step.

And to help you with this process, blueworld city have prepared a practical guide that you can start putting into practice today. So, follow the text to stay on top of the topic and, of course, make your real estate agency sell more .

Come on?

Delegating functions in real estate – What is it?

Delegating Real Estate Roles: Do You Know Exactly What It Is? If you thought about “referring” demands, you’re right. But, know that there is a lot to understand about the topic.

After all, just passing on demands is the easiest part to understand about the subject. The main challenge is: which demands to pass on? How do I know if I really need to pass it on? What am I supposed to get out of the way and let other people do?

These are some of the main questions that arise when we put this situation into practice. And, of course, these are completely normal doubts. And you can only solve them in a rational way: with strategies, objectives and a well-structured business plan for your real estate .

Do not worry. We’ll talk about each of these aspects during the text. Soon, you will see a step by step how to delegate functions in real estate. But, first, let’s better understand what the benefits of this attitude are. See a list below.

Benefits of delegating functions in real estate

The main benefits of delegating functions in real estate, certainly, are in the item productivity . That saying that goes, “two heads are better than one”, has some truth to this whole situation.

After all, having experts drawn to each sector of your company is a great challenge. But when done right, the results can increase exponentially.

We can compare this with roles in medicine: there are, yes, general practitioners. But they are not the ones who solve specific problems.

For this, there are specialists in each region of the body. And we can implement the same in the real estate area. There are specialists for a number of roles. And the sooner you find them, the better.

Among other benefits, we have separated a list of the main ones. See below:

  • More agility in processes – Hire specialists;
  • Avoids the creation of bottlenecks;
  • More time to think about strategies and actions;
  • Optimization in the delivery of results and goals;

We’ll talk separately about each of the above items from now on. Follow up!

More agility in processes – Hire specialists

The first criterion that we can understand as a benefit of delegating functions in real estate is, without a doubt, the issue of agility in the processes.

The more specialists you hire for each function of the company, the more profitable each sector will be in the medium and long term. After all, small actions carried out in an extremely productive manner can generate a very large increase in revenue.

Here, the example we mentioned above fits: specialist doctors are the most indicated for specific treatments. And the same goes for real estate functions.

But obviously this is a process that takes time. After all, the entire market will be looking for this qualified professional. And it won’t always be easy to find him. And when you find it, you’ll have to pay for the investment that, up ahead, will be worth it.

Note that when your real estate is small or medium, the tendency is for you to do everything yourself: marketing, funding, sales, information, bureaucratic processes, etc. This is not wrong. At least not at first.

But to take the next steps, the workflow must also follow.

To complement your reading, we recommend our article on how to organize your real estate effectively so that it becomes even more productive.

Avoid creating bottlenecks

Have you ever heard of the famous corporate “bottlenecks”? So it is. They are more present in your daily life than you might think. A bottleneck is nothing more than an activity that you leave to do tomorrow, because you don’t have time to do it today. And, over time, this just accumulates. In your schedule, there are more activities to do than activities done.

If you end your workday with more activity than when you started it, know that something needs to be done. Of course, when we talk about undertaking, we need to absorb many tasks.

But, over time, all this needs to be professionalized. And attracting specialist collaborators for each function will certainly help a lot.

Delegating functions in real estate is not easy. And many times, we don’t even realize that we need to do this. And one of the clearest signs is precisely the agenda aspect: when you notice that you can no longer meet the goals clearly, it is a strong indication that you need help.

Try to understand this from now on.

More time to think about strategies and actions

A winning real estate undoubtedly needs strategies and actions. In other words, it is essential that you are able to lead this very important tip for the medium and long-term goals of the business plan.

The more involved you are with performing functions, the less time you have to breathe, stop, and actually think.

Of course, this is a fundamental activity that needs to be done at all times in any business. But the truth is that many people end up neglecting the situation and, therefore, end up losing sight of many opportunities.

For example, good marketing strategies for real estate companies are not born out of randomness. But yes, a few good months of study, trial and error.

And precisely for this reason, it is extremely important that you are able, at last, to think, lead and measure actions. Never leave it to the end of the line, okay?

Optimization in delivering results and goals

And finally, one of the most important benefits that the delegation of functions in your real estate can offer: optimization of resources and better results in executions, whatever they may be.

After all, you will be dealing with experts from the best areas of each sector of your company. And this is paramount so that each function, then, is fulfilled successfully and with full focus.

When we make ourselves available to do absolutely everything, we end up doing practically nothing. In fact, we even do. But not with the quality that a focused professional would do.

Performing activities simply to “get out of the way” can even provide peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. But believe me: this is not healthy for the future of your company.

It may even seem “heavy” to have to pay a salary to a professional who will do only one activity or another. But it is precisely for this reason that he will do it well done and focused on the results you want.

Solving problems strategically is much more beneficial than solving them simply. Always think about it!

Here are some tips to optimize your day to day .

How to delegate functions in real estate – Step by step

So far, we’ve understood the key benefits of delegating roles in real estate. But how can you do this in practice? We have a guide with some tips that you can put into action today.

Thus, you guarantee that you will be putting efforts on this front to get the results you are looking for.

Of course, each real estate agency will have its financial, administrative and sales reality. Therefore, it is important that you adapt the step by step to your reality. So, you will be doing targeted work, not superficial, ok?

See below:

  • Having a business planis more than important;
  • Set clear goals for the medium and long term;
  • Establish clear, targeted roles;
  • Lead your real estate professionally;
  • Believe in your employees’ potential and listen for ideas;

We’ll talk about each of these aspects from now on. Come on?

Having a business plan is more than important

The first and most obvious point is the business plan.

It is crucial for you to keep in mind where you want to go or where your real estate agency intends to act. Without a business plan, there will hardly be any kind of professional direction and it will all end up in randomness, which is bad for business.

We’ve already done an article here on the blog showing how to make a real estate business plan . If you haven’t done yours yet, this is the first step in figuring out which roles to delegate and which ones to keep on your schedule.

Remember: delegating is not transferring responsibility. But yes, take advantage of other people’s professional potential to do what you are not an expert.

Set clear goals for the medium and long term

The second step is to clearly define the objectives for the medium and long term. Here, the idea is not to predict the future. But yes, knowing what to do to try to get somewhere ahead.

To better understand this, just think of a simple metaphor: imagine that you drive your car at random through the streets of your city. Where will you go? As far as resources (fuel) are able to take you.

Now, if you define the departure point and put the arrival point on the GPS, you will know exactly where to go, what speed to walk, which “shortcuts” to take, which streets to avoid, how long you can arrive, etc. So, in addition to having a clearer path, resources will be greatly optimized.

And the same you need to do with your real estate agency. To delegate, you need to have goals and then hire the right people to work for the purpose.

Establish clear and targeted roles

In order to delegate functions in real estate, it is essential to clearly establish what each person is going to do and, of course, provide the tools for them to do it.

It’s no use hiring the best real estate marketing professional if you don’t have a business plan and a defined objective. Without it, work will be random and randomness will get you nowhere.

So, who will dictate the rhythm of hiring and delegation is precisely the objectives. And the clearer the functions, the better the performance of each professional hired.

There are those who believe that a professional “does everything” is the best way. Bad, isn’t it. But the chances of this professional becoming the bottleneck in the business are relatively high.

Basically, the “does everything” professional is a version of you, in the form of an employee of your company. And this is not always healthy.

But, of course, as we mentioned earlier, what will dictate the pace of this process is the reality of your company. Tailor our step by step to them, ok?

Lead your real estate professionally

Leading real estate is a very important step. This sounds obvious, but do you do it right? Leading is not demanding results from professionals without them being clear about the business.

And much less charging performance on a random activity. Leading is, above all, dominating the business, knowing what needs to be done and delegating the function to the most capable professional.

In addition, you need to provide all the tools for the professional to perform well. Be it a simple computer or it is a complete and complex document of the business plan, goals and objectives.

Aligning these issues with your staff is just as important as offering a free coffee to everyone.

Here’s how to be a good leader in your real estate .

Believe in the potential of your employees and listen to ideas

And finally, believe in the potential of every employee you hire. If they’re there, it’s for a reason. So, give them space, open for ideas, listen to what they have to say and, of course, offer everything you can to get the job done in good conditions.

Count on Ville Imob to get the best tools for optimizing and managing your real estate and good sales!