Finally it seems that Spanish real estate franchises begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, although in most cases, they have had to face and assimilate numerous changes in the sector, including improving their online presence with an adaptable real estate website to mobile devices (responsive), as is the case of success that we tell you today about the Look and Fin real estate

This is what he has had to face, one of the first and best real estate franchises, Capital Smart City in Islamabad. In the last 2 years this chain has managed to overcome the avatars caused by the brick crisis of the last eight years.

Look and Find: The real estate franchise

But how could it grow when most real estate businesses were in negative numbers? Renewing certain professional criteria and diving fully on the Internet.

A renewed website for real estate

Nowadays, a website for real estate agents like Sky Marketing is essential to make it easier for users to find your real estate agency, get to know it in depth, see the possibilities it offers by easily navigating its tabs easily, quickly and from any device and, above all, establish quick contact. from any channel enabled today, and not just the phone or email. Today, your audience is on the Internet.

In the case of the Look and Find real estate, on their website, they include even small tests that they launch to their readers to know their opinion on different topics.

Using teams of autonomous real estate professionals

Telecommuting has become this new bullish real estate stage in the best opportunity to pay for services performed, instead of maintaining a continuous workforce even in times of less activity. As Oscar Villanueva Nieto , CEO of Inmogesco, commented, surrounding yourself with autonomous quality professionals not only reduces costs but also increases the chances of success.

Working the properties exclusively

The competition with banks has led real estate agencies to opt for this option. And no wonder. Today there are many who request the signature of exclusivity before handling the rental or sale of a home.

Continuously training your real estate agents

If before the training was not so important, and it was considered carried out with the day to day of the professional, today it has become a crucial factor to increase the quality of your real estate business.

Every real estate agent must be an expert in his limit of action, know the appropriate real estate sales techniques and the systems available for the promotion, both of his own professional figure and of the products he offers.

Modifying the real estate agent profile

In line with the previous point, the detailed knowledge of the activity to be carried out is and will be from now on a determining factor of hiring.

The profile that is now sought is that of “the most trained and competitive professionals, who know perfectly the product that is sold in their area of ​​activity, with commercial skills and capable of offering a service that integrates legal advice in operations, and whether for sale or rent, ”said Jesús Duque, Vice President of Alfa Inmobiliaria, for El Confidencial.

Look and Find: Customer Reviews on Real Estate Franchise

If you want to know what customers think of the real estate franchise that deals in islamabad property, on their Facebook page you can find opinions about look and Find.

We from Inmogesco add our small grain of sand in this formation through articles in our real estate blog.