8 ball pool is a very popular game that falls into the multiplayer genre. The online platform has skyrocketed in the past few years. Social media nowadays play a vital role in connecting people. The different elements of social media that enable people to communicate to each other include photo sharing, chatting, storytelling and now the newest in the genre, games. Multiplayer games have been around for a long time, but it has recently been adopted in social media websites. One such game is known as 8 ball pool, a decent game, offering some sort of recreation. The game aims to achieve casual, fun and competitive gameplay with a decent amount of competition. With competition come measures often employed by players to get an unfair advantage over the others. This is where 8 ball pool cheats come in.

8 Ball Pool Hacks

Well, the idea that such hacks exist may not completely be a hoax, but in some cases, they prove to be true. However, we should keep in mind that whenever a new thing is invented or comes out, there are vulnerabilities which some people may tend to take advantage of. However, as we progress into the future, their vulnerabilities tend to get patched up, so these cheats or hacks may sometimes stop working altogether. But nonetheless some may still be up working, no one knows.

How to get hacks?

8 ball pool cheats20

Well, previously, when games are soft launched, only a handful of developers possess these hacks or keys through which we can manipulate the game. But as their popularity increases, the hacks tend to spread all around the globe. So one can easily fish for such hacks on the internet by just typing in the game name and ending them with hacks. However, with time the actual number authentic 8 ball pool hackshave decreased dramatically. A lot of proxy websites exist filled with spams and ads; so one should be careful while fishing for these hacks. There may be a lot of failed attempts, but one should not loose hope and keep hunting for those hacks.

What do the hacks do?

The 8 ball pool hacks are standard cheats that offer an unfair advantage over the other players. The key thing about this game is to get the angle and power of the ball just right and to score successfully without giving a chance to the opponent to counter. The 8 ball pool hacks allow the player to achieve a near 100% marksmanship while aiming for the ball. Not only that, but it also calculates the right amount force, required to pocket the balls.


These hacks give the player some sneaky advantages to the user, and may sometimes be useful to teach the bully at school a lesson. However, one shouldn’t overuse these hacks. For there are a decent amount of VPNs to shield the user, but, sometimes the manufacturer, in this case, Miniclip, could get hold of the user and may ban them from playing the game.