When you rent an apartment or a house at park view city islamabad , the landlord is obliged to give you a lease that specifies the agreements and commitments that both parties assume during the provision of the service.

This contract will serve as a defense, both for the lessee and the lessor, in the event that anyone commits an incident that affects the other involved, so it is essential to be clear about the clauses under which the process of rent.

Before signing the contract, focus on asking questions about the following aspects.

About public services

It is essential to know what services the rent of the department includes, for example, water, electricity, internet, gas. Once you know what services you will have, ask your landlord if the services are registered or if you will have to contract them on your own. If it is the first option, check under what name the contracts are made, since in the future you may need the data to request clarifications or process some other service.

On the other hand, he asks about the existence of monthly fees, for example, maintenance, surveillance or garbage collection. If so, agree who will be in charge of covering them, as well as the amounts and dates of payment.

About the property

Another important point is to clarify how to proceed with the repairs that the, buy property because according to the Civil Code, the owner is responsible for the damages that persist in the property, while the tenant will only be responsible for those that he causes . If the landlord ignores it, the same tenant will be able to repair them, subsequently making the corresponding payment, and even requesting compensation. However, its validity will depend on what the contract establishes and for this they must agree on how to proceed in each situation.

About the contract

Termination and time clauses in a contract must be handled with great care. Although it seems obvious, it is necessary to agree on the term of the contract and the exact dates where it will come into force. The temporality is usually from 6 months to a year, the latter being the most common period. Even if you plan to live there for a long time, it is preferable that you make short contracts and then renew or extend them to avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Likewise, it will be necessary to consider what would happen if one of the parties needs to terminate the contract; how would it proceed, how long in advance should it be reported, what amounts should be covered as a penalty, etc.

About the rent payment

As basic questions, on the payment of the rent is the date of payment and the means by which it will be done. How much will the increase be when it is not paid on time and what measures will be taken if this obligation is not fulfilled.

In addition, they need to establish if the landlord can ask for months in advance and what benefits it will grant the tenant for approving it.

Of housing rights

For your comfort, it is recommended to make clear some points regarding the rights that each one will have over the house while the contract lasts. For example, the rights to enter the home without the tenant’s authorization, the modifications that can be made to the property or who is responsible for each expense.

All this information you collected should remain clearly described in the clauses of the contract, so before signing it, verify it.

If doubts about the rental process persist, we invite you to read the Guide to renting a house, where you will find very detailed recommendations on the steps you must take to find your ideal home.