Sleep is a necessity for human beings to cope up with the routine of life, but good sleep is a blessing for people who have insomnia. To overcome this problem, people often take the help of sleeping aids. It may be in the form of supplements which could be natural or over the counter supplements. One should have full information about the best over the counter sleep aids before using them.Counter Sleep Aid

Benefits Of Over the Counter Sleep Aids:

There are two types of Sleeping Aids; Natural and prescribed or over the counter depending upon the condition of the person. Following are some of the advantages of over the counter sleeping aid:

1.      It may be helpful if insomnia interferes with your daily activities and personal relations. If you are having behavioral change due to restlessness sleeping aid is the best option.

2.      In the case of jetlag, anxiety, and depression, doctors recommend sleeping aids.

3.      Sleeping Aids gives you a clam sleep all night, waking you up fresh and energetic.

4.      It improves health, appetite, and digestion.

5.      You may notice a prominent change in your mood after taking sleeping aids

Best Over the Counter Sleep Aids:

A number of Sleeping aids are recommended by the doctors. Following is the information required when selecting one:

1.      Diphenhydramine: It is a sedative antihistamine, which is the main ingredient in many allergy medicines. It gives a comfortable sleep time making a person fresh. This sleep aids should be taken on doctors recommendation. As these are meant to give a good sleep so they should be taken at night.

2.      Doxylamine succinate: This is also a sedating antihistamine similar to diphenhydramine. It should also be according to the doctor’s instructions. The ingredient is used to treat insomnia patients, but its side effects include drowsiness, blurred vision, and dry mouth.

3.      Melatonin: A very important and effective supplement to treat insomnia; It is helpful in improving the effect of jetlag and helps you to fall asleep early. It also has side effects such as headaches and daytime sleepiness. Although this has a mild side effect, but this may become a hurdle in daily routine, so it is better to take it before going to sleep to assure a nice sleep.

4.      Valerian: This also helps in reducing the time taken to fall asleep. Also it improves the quality of sleep. This supplement should be taken two hours before going to sleep to ensure a good sleep. Like other supplements, this does not have any side effect.


Over the Counter, Sleep aids are not recommended for long term use and should be taken in case of chronic insomnia to have a nice sleep. These sleep aids do not have any side effects and encourage people to cope up with daily life activities. After taking this supplement, people feel a positive change in their life. However, the best over the counter sleep aid should be taken after doctor’s consultation.