Directed by the designer at the Planet is synonymous with excellence. It is not surprising that style products and Versace perfume fit their designs on the catwalk — tasteful organic and contemporary. That everybody can adopt the fashion of the cologne to its set, this style brand has added cologne since the coming of the Versace cologne jar in 1981. Versace style: lavish and filled with charm

Perfumes are among the most popular manufacturer in the World, with refreshing and aromas, for both women and men. With costs Versace assisted in choosing, users don’t take time. What’s the Best Versace Perfume for Men? Let’s see listing Versace brand’s odor under.

  1. Versace Pour Homme

versace dylan blue perfume launched going the odor of ferns. This is a scent it assists guys are powerful, magnetic but lively, confident.

Notes gradually covering the distance In May area along with floral Neroli orange blossom, rose With citrus. Middle notes combine the warmth of cedar blossoms that are hyacinth . Increasing warmth tonka bean talked.

versace dylan blue perfume

With scent, tinged refreshing Pour Homme is going to be the choice for the contemporary person, help the man brings a positive demeanor.

Versace Eros ReviewThe odor is graded hot, Oriental echoes scent balanced. Eros Versace For Men starts to show the flavor mixes with lemon zest, mint leaves and green apple. Middle notes may be addictive to anybody with floral makeup ambroxan cedar from Atlas and Virginia, although the odor reeds and oak moss add elegance glamor and enthusiasm.

In Eros Versace For Men not only in the odor but In addition, the remote, in addition to the odor for quite a while spread its odor. You won’t need to waste time employed which keeps the design of anytime, anyplace.

Eros Versace For Men odor is perfect for a and balanced Masculine, guy wish to be the middle of focus. The odor Is Quite flexible, can be used both day and night and all-weather nearly year

  1. Spray

This is a magical version of this Versace Man odor, It has attracted flavor and freshness of the ocean. Fruit flavor along with the odor of these forests. Versace Eau Fraiche premiered in 2006. Versace Man Eau Fraiche’s dad is Olivier Cresp.

The course combines top notes of balance Brazilian rosewood. This fragrance starts with the flavor feels refreshed, relaxed but becomes milder and sweeter. Layer between incense spices includes tarragon and feature of sage and pepper. Last incense is a scent of saffron, musk, amber and woody forests, brings masculinity and warmth for men.

The cologne is design with glass that is blue, The jar itself has a serrated as an individual can grip. With this layout that is intriguing, Versace Man Eau Fraiche stronger for guys and bring character.


This odor left on manly and the body scents Freshness all day. It’s a balance of this flavoring Ingredient for men of perfumes. Overall flavour brings amazing Taste users of this sea. This could be a perfect choice for those sexy Summertime.