A stick vacuum is essential for a clean and organized home. It helps you, in fact, in small and large cleanings to be carried out in your house. And for an impeccable result, you should turn to the best upright vacuum cleaner available on the market. Based on the specifications, here is the comparison of the finalists.

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Dyson V8 Absolute

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Main advantage

The great advantage of this vacuum cleaner is the power of its motor. So it sucks up the smallest speck of dust inside your home. The result is simply impeccable eureka upright vacum


Main drawback

What users find somewhat unfortunate with this device is that you cannot block the trigger when it is on. Suddenly, you are forced to keep your finger on the trigger during use.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

On the performance side, there is nothing to add regarding this device. The powerful V8 engine guarantees you a quality result. In addition, it has an autonomy allowing you to work in peace and for a long time. Here you have one of the best upright vacuums on the market.

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High suction power eureka upright vacum

This device is equipped with a V8 engine. And you may know the performance of this type of engine. Thanks to this, the device displays a high suction power. In other words, this vacuum cleaner is reliable. He sucks everything in his way. Whether it’s large debris or fine dust seeds, you can be sure that your soil will be cleaned up in no time.


Even the allergens are all being sidelined. In addition, this vacuum cleaner has the particularity of adapting to all types of floors. From carpets to hard floors, it cleans everything and with the same efficiency, everywhere.

Great autonomy

With wireless devices, the autonomy issue still arises. Indeed, these kinds of robots rarely offer satisfaction in terms of autonomy. Batteries don’t often last as long as you’d like. So, we have to stop for a moment to refuel or to change the batteries.


Well, with this vacuum cleaner, you will not have that kind of problem, unless the room you want to clean is really very large. When the battery is full, this device will allow you to work for more than 40 minutes without interruption and above all, without loss of power. So, in addition to efficiency, you will also save time using this device. Only advantages.

A complete kit

This vacuum cleaner can be used on all types of floors. But it is important to take into account that each type of surface has its specificities. This means that the device must be equipped with several heads in order to be effective on the various supports. This is precisely what the manufacturers of this device offer you.


In order to allow you to work efficiently on all surfaces, this one comes with different accessories. Among other things, you will have a motorized direct drive brush for cleaning carpets and rugs, a soft roller brush for hard floors, a motorized mini brush for cleaning upholstery. There is also a soft brush for working on fragile surfaces.