Rowenta RH8828WO

Buying a cordless upright vacuum is not a whim. After studying your needs and possibilities, you can limit the number of choices to make. And if you take a moment to study performance only, this Rowenta model has more than one asset in its bag.

With a patented high performance cyclone system, the separation of air and dust is done under the best possible conditions. This means that the air coming out of your device contains as little dirt as possible. This is something that we cannot ignore, because it does not exist among all vacuum cleaners on the market.

Unlike other models in its category, this vacuum cleaner also stands out for its long autonomy. The user can indeed use it for 45 minutes. And with this time, you can clean all the rooms in your house without having to wait while recharging eureka upright vacum.

For those who don’t have much time for cleaning, this model can also stand up on its own so you can do something else at the same time. This device also attracts the interest of customers by its maneuverability, given its lightness and its dimensions.

Probably the best brand of upright vacuum cleaners, Rowenta offers a model that approaches perfection through RH8828WO. The latter will suit even the most demanding.

Pros Separator system: this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a technology that effectively separates dust and air. As a result, the minimum amount of dirt will be released into the air exiting the device. This patented system called cyclone makes the RH8828WO the most efficient of the vacuum cleaners. Greater autonomy: compared to other competing products, this model offers a significantly higher autonomy. With a single charge

eureka upright vacum

, this Rowenta vacuum cleaner can do the cleaning for 45 minutes. This is enough to clean all the rooms in a medium-sized apartment. Negative points No accessories included: such a powerful vacuum cleaner should have been delivered with brushes or other accessories which would facilitate its use. This is an unfortunate detail for such a large brand of home appliances.


How to choose the best upright vacuums? Based on the strengths of each model. For Bosch this is its price. This inexpensive entry-level appliance is an ideal investment for those on a tight budget.

Behind this mini price machine hides a classic design, with a long handle that ends with a motorized brush. Once again, the brand has opted for a fairly futuristic structure with a champagne color. You can easily store it in your closet or in a corner of your house. With its length of 1 min 13 s, it is large enough for all users.

This device is also quite special, it can be detached from its sleeve. If necessary, you can therefore use it as a hand vacuum cleaner. This is a very practical point for those who want to do a cleaning of small surface like in a car or on a table.

This is largely due to its suction head, which allows hard surfaces to be cleaned. It also has good autonomy, as it will allow you to clean an entire studio for 30 minutes.

If you need to compare the biggest names in stick vacuums, be sure to include Bosch on your list. This brand invites you to discover the low cost model BBHMOVE4.